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Haining Chuangyi knitting limited liability company wide super soft processing line
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Haining Chuangyi knitting limited liability company wide super soft, special processing line

    Haining Chuangyi knitting limited liability company owned 20 million yuan of fixed assets, annual turnover of 30 million yuan, is the warp of the backbone enterprises of the Association. The existingGerman Karl Mayer, Liba warp knitting machine and warping machine more than 20 units; maximum width of 300cm square grams from 50 grams to 500 grams, with an annual output of various kindsthroughout the capacity of 3,000 tons. The company to further expand throughout the deep-processing finishing upgrade to warp the fabric added value and create more efficiency, for which the companies to use a wide range of Haining Textile Machinery Factory super soft finishing line. Purchase of a width of 320cm, 280cm raising machine and hot-ray machines and other equipment to do a wide quality super soft fabrics, into the market has been endorsed by the merchants, but also for our plant wide super soft, not down velvet fabric fabric sets a line equipment, to capture the market has laid a solid foundation to become a benchmark.


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