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         Haining  Textile  Machinery Co.,Ltd.  was  established in 1943 and turned to manufacture textile machines in 1978.It was changed to a joint-stock enterprise in  1994. Haining  Shan  Shan Group was  established on the basis  of Haining  Textile  Machinery Co.,Ltd. in 1997. The enterprise is 'National High Tech Enterprise','Zhejiang Honest Demonstration Enterprise”,Haining “Xinghai Project Enterprise”, “Star Company”,“Regard Credit and Contract Enterprise”, “AAA Company”.  The  main products Raising  Machine, Shearing Machine, Polishing machine  and Sueding machine were listed in National“Torch Plan”.

          Haining Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an professional enterprise on manufacture Raising Machine, Shearing Machine, Polishing machine, Sueding Machine and Shearing Blades. The machines are suitable for woollen,cotton and knitted fabrics. Such as PV, PV leather bottom fabrics, decoration for automobile, apparel  and   fabrics on daily use(cashmere, carpet, cotton blanket, velvet and so on). The add value will increase in number after raising, shearing,polishing or sueding.

         The enterprise pay attention to the quality of the products, explore the new products with  high level of international to improve its ability in competition. It cost the enterprise 30,600,000 yuan to move the factory from a flourishing business district to Economic Development Zone. The enterprise started to research on the exploitation  of products,  first by mapping and copy,  then digest and
absorb, now is on the way of researching independently.

 Production operations recent years
   Recnetly, the enterprise emphasized the innovation on system, technology and management. It has  adapted the request of the market, especially put stress on the quality of products which make its economy develop healthily and steadily.
Market development at home and abroad

   The Marketing Center which including  textile  machinery  sales  department,  equipment  sales   department, service department and spare parts department has more than 50 sellers and technicians    whom are full of experiences. Haining Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd. also set offices in Shaoxing Zhejiang, Foshan Guangdong  and Sanming Fujian. The network throughout thecountry and the occupation ratio  of textile machinery  products is very high.   The  enterprise  adopteds  modern  sales strategy and plans to set agents or offices in big textile market such as Jiangsu and Shandong province to consummate the  network. With  the improving of their innovation ability on technology, the main products   designed  recently  have reached the level of analogous products from Taiwan or Korea. Most of them have been exported to Hong Kong, Pakistan, Argentina, Philippines, Syria, many Southesat Asian, West Asian area and so on. The torch project will  advance  the applicability  and reliability of products which will base themselves upon competitiveness in international markets  and exploit the market in South America, Russia, Central Asia and North Africa.
Brand name construction

(1)It passed the wit assessment of Zhejiang Wantai certification center and got an ISO9001 standard quality system certificate on June,2000. Again in 2004. To satisfy the customers with perfect quality assurance system.
(2) It set an Allround Quality Office to control the quality and held quality and evaluation        meeting every month to deal with all the problems of quality in time.
(3) The  Marketing Center  which  including  textile  machinery  sales  department, equipment sales department, service department and spare parts department has more than 50  sellers  and technicians  whom are full of experiences. Haining Textile Machinery Factory also set offices in Foshan  Guangdong and Sanming Fujian. With the improving of their innovation ability on technology,  the  main products designed recently have reached the level of analogous products from Taiwan or Korea.
(4)It organized the technicians from  Technology,  Quality  Control  and Service Departments to have interviews with the customers aperiodically annually, in order to collect  advices  and improve the products.
(5)It  held  training  classes  aperiodically annually to teach  the customers how to operate and   maintain  the  machines  correctly.  Making  propaganda  for new products of their capability  and    applicability which makes customers have the chance tocommunicate with  each  other  and  mastery the news.
Innovation on technology

   The enterprise set a  Research  &   Development center, textile machinery academic institution, Haining textile machinery provincial high tech R&D center and   Zhejiang University  Haining textile  machinery academic institution with Zhejiang University. The innnovation system on technology is wholesome and the outlays for research and development occupied around 5% of the  proceeds  of  sale.  The enterprise is actualizing CAD/CAPP/PDM integration management system and the extent of mechanotronics has been improved constantly. Man-machine conversation, PLC, a couple of inverters, infrared detector and automatic temperature  control   have  been  used  widely   on  dominantproducts. High  efficient intelligent  controlling  raising  machine  with PLC and inverter solves the prob lems of multi-motor drive. The patent equipment of V-belt constant tension controlling is a  pioneer in  the interior and keep up with advanced world standard.  The   intelligent  controlling raising machine is state“Torch Plan”, high efficient raising machine  has  been  listed  in  national  medium and  minor enterprise foundation of innovation project and the enterprise acquired more than 10 national patents.
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