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Zhejiang HuaDeli textile printing and dyeing company Super soft processing line
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Zhejiang HuaDeli textile printing and dyeing company Chaorou processing line

Zhejiang HuaDeli textile printing and Dyeing Company Limited was established in 2003 November, mainly engaged in various types of cloth, silk printing and dyeing processing, thermal production. The company is Zhejiang Deli Group Holdings Limited a subsidiary. The company is located in Zhejiang province Haining City Lane Industrial Park, covers an area of 100 acres, has 70000000 yuan of assets, is a set of printing and dyeing, thermoelectric, gravure rotary color printing, such as sewage treatment as one of the large printing and dyeing company. The company by virtue of years of industry experience, at the same time in order to expand the industrial chain extension, in 2011 the company decided to super soft fabric production and processing development. The company in the full investigation and discussion, the introduction of Haining textile machinery factory production of super soft fabric, ironing, cutting processing complete sets of line equipment, and through both constant exchange of technology and equipment improved, has made the production of hair 1~3mm high Chaorou fabrics reached the leading level, at the same time the complete sets of equipment line high efficiency, labor saving, stable operation, well received by the user's welcome.

Video for machine runnning 

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