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1.Enterprise Mission

Innovation in textile industry, improve the quality of life.

As a textile finishing equipment manufacturing enterprises, research and development of new fabric finishing equipment, providing a green, environmental protection, new textile material,in the face of people wearing demand continuously, promote the optimization of the industrial chain, enhance the added value of products, is duty bound mission.


2. Spirit of Enterprise

Unity, dedication, pioneering, truth-seeking.

Unity: the enterprise under the unite to resist any market waves;

Dedication: Textile employees seventy years of selfless dedication, to create enterprisebrilliant seventy year;

Development: innovative spirit, is a powerful driving force for enterprises remain invincible;

Be realistic: unknown to the public, stand on solid ground is a true portrayal of several generations of textile employees.


3.Business Philosophy

Shareholder satisfaction, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction.

Scientific management, fine management, with the best economic returns to shareholders;

improve the performance appraisal, strong welfare, let the staff and the development of enterprises, with rich;

provides the quality product beliefs and beyond the requirements of service, let the customer continuously from the product accumulation of wealth, and faster development.


4.Vision of Enterprise

Strive to become China's textile finishing equipment manufacturing leader.

The manufacturing technology of seventy years, forty years of textile machinery of professional,generations of carve, and constantly improve the ability of innovation, perfect management system,is bound to become China's leader in textile finishing equipment manufacturing.


5.Core Values

Innovation, cooperation, harmony, responsibility.

To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises "innovation" values;

Standardize enterprise behavior of employees with the "cooperation" of values;

Construction of new labor relations with the "harmonious" values;

Promote the sustainable development of enterprises with "responsibility" values.


6.Enterprise Style

Seeking truth and being pragmatic, rapid response, a transformation strain.

Seeking truth and pragmatism is the crystallization of the wisdom of seventy years of excellenttraditional, rapid response is to win customers, to win the key part of the market, a variable strain is a magic weapon to deal with the fierce competition in the market.




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