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 Quality Assurance System

      The  enterprise  started  ISO9001  standard  in 2000 and set quality  assurance system according the standard, it passed the wit assessment of Zhejiang Wantai certification   center and got an ISO9001 standard quality system certificate on  June,  2000. Again in 2004. To satisfy the customers with perfect  quality  assurance system.   

        The reliability, stability and applicability of products are of  reputable in customers. The rate of products meeting standards is on top   among fellow   traders,  and  spot  checking  which  held  by   Zhejiang    textile machinery products quality inspection station showed that all  products are acceptable here.   

Metrology Detection Assurance System

  The standard  in  the  enterprise  on  exploitation  of  products is  according to  national standard and textile machinery trade standard, that standard is even higher  than  the  textile machinery trade standard and audited by Haining technical supervision administration. So the products have the intellectual property rights independently.        The  enterprise  set  a  metrology  room  to  bear  the work on physical chemistry when manufacturing,  self  verification  and  seasonal  verification.  The  metrology  room  has  got  a cerfificate of National State Bureau of Techinacal Supervision since 1990〔Number:(1990)018〕.The  enterprise  has  all  manner  of  meterage  apparatus,  such  as   machine  for   material    testing,     infrared thermometer, tachometer and three comeros.


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